Touring Mathare by Tap (a visual journey)

Stefanie had an idea to tap through Mathare on the first Sunday that we were back in Nairobi. In order to do this, she needed to find flat planks of wood so we met up with our friend Mwas who took us to Kariobangi to a shop that he knew would be open.


The wood needed to be large enough to dance on but small enough to be carried easily. The shop owner was good humored and allowed Stef to try the wood on for size.




After four pieces of wood were found and tested out, the bargaining began…


Stef and the shop keeper went back and forth for a while until they landed on a number which they could not get past and the deal was made.


Mwas then lead the way for us through Mathare.





An optimal spot was found at an intersection for Stef and Jojo to set down their shingles and to perform LeVaugn Robinson’s “Rhythm Routine”.




The commotion attracted a crowd almost immediately.


Most of the crowd that gathered were children.  Jojo all but disappeared as they reached for the tap shoes she was handing out.  It seemed like they all wanted a chance to get on the shingles and try out this new dance.




After awhile, it was time to visit with Mama Mercy and the children at the Good Samaritan Home.  Stef and Jojo had wanted to perform for the kids there, but it was lunchtime and they didn’t want to disturb their meals.


Instead of performing, we each had time to snuggle with some of the orphans.


After tea, Mama Mercy insisted that Stefanie dance for her, on the big desk in her office.


Not bad for our first active day back in Nairobi!

Thank you to Mwas and Cosmos for helping to make this day happen. 

All Photos © Monika Pizzichemi 2016


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