Spoken Through The Filter Of Foot

If my foot could say what should be said here in this introductory blog post it would be simply dipping its toe tap onto the dancing surface to test the waters of the wood. Even though these are words, the action for me is quite the same. We are always trying small shifts in the way we carry the weight of the work we do here individually and collectively. Small moves in one direction and then maybe back again, and maybe further out, maybe another way altogether. It’s hard to tell. We take risks here. They are sometimes similar to tossing seeds to an open field and coming back later to see what has grown. Sometimes it is a careful watering. Sometimes it works. Most times it is really hard to tell what’s happening. This blog will hopefully help us to process and to communicate that process to those interested in reading along with us. We cannot include every thing that happens, there is just too much. You know that already though.

We write to you, our supporters, friends, families, collaborators, partners, fellow dancers, artists, and world citizens. We write to ourselves, the parts we know and the parts that don’t really exist yet.

The objective is for this to be a collective blog that has numerous authors- foremost Monika, Josephine and myself. Go ahead and comment if you like, we’ll leave that option up to start and see how it goes. We will all have our own ways of saying what we want to say. Thank you for moving your eyes along these lines and sharing the page/screen with us, for listening, and for being open. Thank you for being with us when we touch bottom and when we rise. The words filtered through our footsteps on this journey can be slippery. Thank you for helping us up if we fall.

I’ll start first with a short piece and photo I posted on my personal Facebook page the night we landed in Nairobi for THEY DANCE FOR RAIN’s 5th residency in this wild and wonderful city. It doesn’t have much to do with the work, but it brings you into our world just a little bit.

January 8th, 2016

“My name is Doreen Achieng Odipo and I am from Kisumu and I am here in Nairobi and now you are my friend.” The words snuck out of her mouth like a long kept secret. She walked them out the door with her to check on the sheets drying up on the roof. She moved out of the room much like this welcoming and light breeze that gently mixes the contrasting scents of our arrival. This first dusk back in Nairobi smells of the much needed washing of our weary and anticipating bodies, too many chemical cleaning agents in the apartment, and an array of savory spices cooking in the neighboring flats. Then she said, “I like that you are happy.” I chuckled at this while she grinned. Happy might mean something different to Doreen than it does to me. But it did get me wondering if maybe I am.
The door to our apartment. Photo by S.Weber


From here on out expect to see outstanding artistic photographic documentation from Monika, and be inspired by Josephine’s developing confidence and willingness to jump into the middle of a mystery and shine. And me, I’ll keep the dancing machine well-greased and do my best to put my words down here like I put my feet to the floor…with curiosity and grace.
Be well
January 10th, 2016
Nairobi, Kenya



2 thoughts on “Spoken Through The Filter Of Foot

  1. Much love to all three of you…….the love that you share through your dance and photography is amazing! God bless you for all that you give. ❤


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